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The customs forwarding services (CFS) include the activities of freight forwarders to plan, arrange and perform delivery of agricultural products in containers from the point of loading to the point of accumulation of the consignment at the port berth. The availability of own fleet of tractive vehicles and qualified drivers for the transportation of container equipment makes it possible to quickly deliver and register all the necessary package of transport documents. All trucks are equipped with a tracking system and GPS monitoring.


The customs declaration procedure includes absolutely all cargoes imported or exported across the border, and our brokers deal with the preparation of documents and declarations, both in the “EXPORT” and in the “IMPORT” modes, regardless of the method of cargo delivery - road, rail, air or sea transport. Continuous work on the organization of export and provision of CFS and CBS services in ports for several years has enabled our specialists to accumulate and develop experience in organizing the transportation of containers with grain cargo, unloading and loading operations, customs formalities required for loading of containers at the ports to the vessel.


Company specialists provide solutions to logistic task,

in particular:

ground transportation

by road and rail

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