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Quality Control Department covers all stages of the complex work on cargo stuffing into containers, namely sampling during incoming inspections, control over the consignment in the course of unloading the warehouse and mandatory quality control during commodity shipment for export. Quality Control Department has a full set of modern equipment. This makes it possible to quickly determine all the necessary quality technical parameters of the crops coming from suppliers. The complex processes cereals, legumes, oilseeds and essential-oil crops as well as the products of processing of agricultural products.

The main parameters to be determined at the moment of goods reception are: moisture content (standard method), grain impurity content and contamination (set of sieves for each crop), grain-unit (grain-unit scale), gluten content and its quality (Glutomatic or manual method in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documentation, device for determining the gluten quality (gluten deformation measurer), falling-number (falling-number measurer PChP), protein content (express analysis) and oil content (express analysis). The Department determines the oiliness and its content by means of modern express analyzers, FOSS Infratec 1241 and INFRASKAN-105. The devices are calibrated for protein content (in terms of dry matter), gluten content, moisture content and oiliness, fiber content in the following crops: wheat, corn, barley, soybean, rapeseed, flax, sunflower and soybean oil meal and oil cake.


Quality Control Department has the possibility to determine the GMOs content in rapeseed and soybeans - qualitatively and quantitatively (by express method). For this purpose, we use test strips. In order to quantify data, additionally to AgraStrip test strips, we use the AgraVision reader - a sensitive, convenient and easy-to-use quantitative data processing tool.


During preparation of commodity consignment, it is mandatory to control the temperature of agricultural products by means of thermoprobes.

All the work of the employees of the laboratory and the Quality Control Department is aimed at fast data processing and determining the quality of products for prompt unloading of the vehicles and providing relevant reports to customers.

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