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“GREENLINE TRANSSHIPMENT” LLC provides its clients with full range of services that include cargo reception, weighing, accumulation of the required export consignment, shipment, delivery to the ports of destination, forwarding services and customs brokerage services at origin.

All divisions of “GREENLINE TRANSSHIPMENT” LLC have a single automated accounting system that makes it possible to quickly provide information and reports to customers.

Production facilities of “GREENLINE TRANSSHIPMENT” LLC in Novi Biliary village (Logistic location from TIS Container Terminal is 8 km) include:

  • Indoor storage site of 3000 square meters, with the possibility of segregated receipt of consignments and simultaneous accumulation of up to 6000 tons of one-time storage in the warehouse;

  • Attested weighing complex for weighting of cars and railway cars;

  • Site for accumulation of empty container equipment;

  • Quality Control Department (technical analysis of cereals, legumes and oilseeds, express determination of fat, protein, GMOs quantitative and qualitative GMOs content by using test strips and reader);

  • Parking for trucks;

  • Bag filling line (25 - 50 kg and big-bags).

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