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For the efficient use of our technical capacity, a modern repair facility of motor transport, mobile and warehouse equipment is been created. Maintenance of the equipment is carried out by the qualified mechanics, fitters, and electrical engineers under the guidance of experienced engineering professionals.

The cranes with a capacity of 5 to 35 tons and bucket loaders/forklifts with capacity from 300 kg to 4.5 tons operate on the territory of the enterprise. It is this technique that makes it possible to handle both empty container equipment and loaded containers. The availability of a bucket loader reduces the risk of damage and deterioration of products when dealing with crops such as peas, corn, soybeans, etc. The availability of a station for unloading wagons with a feed front of up to seven wagons makes it possible to make the operational circulation of the cargo and simultaneous acceptance of goods from hopper wagons and/or covered wagons and motor transport.

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